Perks of Spending My Birthday at Work

Not taking a leave from work on my special day was never an issue for me. I don’t know if it’s just me but celebrating on the day itself or on another day like the weekend before or after is just the same for me. And even if I was busy at work, I can say that my birthday was a blast. So here are the 4 reasons why I recommend you spend your birthday in the office (well, at least for single, working, individuals in their 20’s like me)

1. You get a lot of personal greetings. When I say personal, I mean face to face 

Thanks to Facebook, colleagues greeted me in the hallways, washroom, lobby, pantry, etc.

2. I get to celebrate with a lot of friends/colleagues. When I say a lot, I mean around 40+

Just like New Year’s tradition, my super sweet and thoughtful NA Gold team surprised me with a Sans Rival cake just an hour after midnight. ❤

photo (4)

After dinner, my travel bff told me she needs “emergency relationship advice” and led me into one of the small rooms. I can’t believe 10 people fitted inside. Thanks to my lovable P/F team for the Gelato cake 🙂

photo (7)

Just before our meeting ended, I went down to fetch the pizza from the delivery guy. When I got back, I was surprised with a chocolate Contis cake =”> Thanks to my awesome BPMM team.

photo (8)

It was always bittersweet for me to leave teams and enter new ones. But I can say I’m lucky to have 3 teams in one organization.

3. You will be too busy to contemplate about your age and your relationship status

Need I explain this?

4. You get to know the people who really love you because they will insist to spend time with you, even if your day is fully booked.

Well in my case, it was my Mom 🙂

photo (10)

I had strictly 1 hour dinner break as it was sandwiched between two important meetings. Thanks to Old Vine for your quick service and great food!

This a solo pic of me on the day:

photo (9)

Of course we ordered my favorite food which is raw salmon. Since there was no Sashimi, the Italian version, salmon Carpaccio served as a great alternative. The steak with Escargot or snails was also something different (and exotic!) to eat that day.

photo (5)

There you have it. My 4 reasons why it’s not so bad to spend your birthday at work. Everyone should try it 🙂 (again, a disclaimer: you should be a single, young professional in your 20’s).

Finally some last words:

So today I’m officially 2_. And what I want to say is: Single, ready to mingle TRAVEL! (Well, just to officially launch this new travel blog) =))



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One Response to Perks of Spending My Birthday at Work

  1. James Wang says:

    happy to be part of 2 teams of your teams! 😀

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